Online (and Offline) on an Even Tighter Budget

Jason Weston, Antoine Bordes and Leon Bottou



We develop a fast online kernel algorithm for classification which can be viewed as an improvement over the one suggested by Crammer, Kandola & Singer, 2003, titled "Online Classificaton on a Budget". In that previous work, the authors introduced an on-the-fly compression of the number of examples used in the prediction function using the size of the margin as a quality measure. Although displaying impressive results on relatively noise-free data we show how their algorithm is susceptible in noisy problems. Utilizing a new quality measure for an included example, namely the error induced on a selected subset of the training data, we gain improved compression rates and insensitivity to noise over the existing approach. Our method is also extendable to the batch training mode case.

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Source code (Matlab objects):

The following objects are for use with the Spider Matlab Machine Learning Library.