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19th January, 2019 The XX Factor at Rubulad, Brooklyn

12th January, 2019 Ill Behavior with Renegade Masters at TBA, Brooklyn

4th January, 2019 E-Dancer aka Kevin Saunderson, Julia Govor, Dantiez at Elsewhere, Brooklyn

31st December, 2018 NYE 2019 Blast Off at Rubulad, Brooklyn

29th December, 2018 Moonboots, Fred Everything, Laura Lynn at Elsewhere, Brooklyn

18th December, 2018 Ecstatic Dance at Judson Memorial Church, NYC

18th December, 2018 Visuals for Six Time Users at Elsewhere, Brooklyn

15th December, 2018 Warper 13 Year Anniversary party at Rubulad, Brooklyn

8th December, 2018 Ill Behavior with Renegade Masters at TBA, Brooklyn

17-18th November, 2018 Alive at 25! 25th Anniversary of Rubulad, Brooklyn

27th October, 2018 Disco of the Doomed at Rubulad, Brooklyn

26th October, 2018 Halloween with Evolfo, Night Powers, Six Time Users at Rubulad, Brooklyn

29th September, 2018 High Art at Rubulad, Brooklyn

8th September, 2018 Too Cool For School at Rubulad, Brooklyn

7th September, 2018 Synthetic State, Brooklyn

28th August, 2018 Ecstatic Dance, Brooklyn

11th August, 2018 Headpiece Heaven at Rubulad, Brooklyn

21st July, 2018 Mind Melting Brain Freeze at Rubulad, Brooklyn

14th July, 2018 Disorient presents: Compressor Bastille Day at Rubulad, Brooklyn

23rd June, 2018 We Were Born to Love One Another at Rubulad, Brooklyn

20th June, 2018 Ecstatic Dance at The Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn

2nd June, 2018 The Secret Life of Plants at Rubulad, Brooklyn

1st June, 2018 Chasm, curated by Julia Sinelnikova at Refuge Arts, Brooklyn

25th-26th May, 2018 Disorient presents Country Club VIII, Shandaken, NY

23rd May, 2018 Ecstatic Dance at The Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn

5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May, 2018 Nightclub portion of Bring Down The Walls, presented by Creative Time at DCTV, NYC

5th May, 2018 Zest! at Rubulad, Brooklyn

28th April, 2018 Dolphin Party VIII at Rubulad, Brooklyn

18th April, 2018 Moolah Rouge at 145 Mulberry St, NYC

14th April, 2018 In the Garden of the Gods at Rubulad, Brooklyn

13th April, 2018 Future Funktion x GOSU, Brooklyn

24th March, 2018 The Rite of Spring at Rubulad, Brooklyn

10th March, 2018 Future Funktion at The Gateway, Brooklyn

3rd March, 2018 Beasts of the Northern Wild at Rubulad, Brooklyn

24th February, 2018 Ab Uno Pluribus at NYU, NYC

10th February, 2018 Love Potion No. 389 at Rubulad, Brooklyn

30th January, 2018 Ecstatic Dance at Union Square Ballroom, NYC

13th January, 2018 Cabin Fever Dream A Go-Go at Rubulad, Brooklyn

31st December, 2017 Icy Heat at Rubulad, Brooklyn

9th December, 2017 Electric Menorah Sugar Cookie at Rubulad, Brooklyn

5th December, 2017 Future Funktion at The Keep, Brooklyn

21st November, 2017 Ecstatic Dance, Union Sq. Ballroom

18th November, 2017 Rubulad presents: Cats in Space, Brooklyn

7th November, 2017 Ecstatic Dance at Judson Memorial Church, NYC

3rd November, 2017 House party goodness, Brooklyn

28th October, 2017 Rubulad presents: Boo!, Brooklyn

27th October, 2017 1399 Halloween at Rubulad, Brooklyn

21st October, 2017 Spooky Party 3 at Bootleg Mansion, Brooklyn

20th October, 2017 Dolphin Party VII at Rubulad, Brooklyn

14th October, 2017 Rubulad presents: Brasstastic Blowout with HONK NYC, Brooklyn

30th September, 2017 Rubulad presents: The Eye Ball, Brooklyn

21st September, 2017 Warper Party at the Keep, Brooklyn

9th September, 2017 Rubulad presents: Tropical Hot Dog Nights, Brooklyn

5th August, 2017 Rubulad presents: Heat Wave Hopscotch!, Brooklyn

15th July, 2017 Revival, Rubulad, Brooklyn

30th June, 2017 PEX Summer festival at Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD

9th June, 2017 Vessel, Tilt, Brooklyn

3rd June, 2017 Roadside Attraction, Rubulad

26th-29th May, 2017 Disorient’s Country Club, Shandaken, NY

23rd May, 2017 Ecstatic Dance, Judson Memorial Church, Manhattan

18th-21st May, 2017 LPM, Amsterdam

6th May, 2017 Freeform Freakout, Rubulad

5th May, 2017 Dolphin Party 6000

22nd April, 2017 Our Beautiful World, Rubulad

22nd April, 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Party, Webster Hall

11th April, 2017 Warper

1st April, 2017 Ship of Fools, Rubulad

15th March, 2017 Vessel

11th March, 2017 Ubu-lad, Rubulad

11th Feb, 2017 Where is the Love?, Rubulad, Brooklyn

7th Feb, 2017 Ecstatic Dance, Judson Memorial Church, NYC

1st Feb, 2017 Vessel, Tilt, Brooklyn

28th Jan, 2017 Mile High at Pianos, LES, NY

28th Jan, 2017 Ice Capades, Rubulad, Brooklyn

14th Jan, 2017 Mile High at Pianos, LES, NY

13th Jan, 2017 RESONATE X CHASM at Knockdown Center

31th Dec, 2016 NYE Rubulad Presents Y2K Flashback!, Brooklyn

28th Dec, 2016 Vessel, Tilt, Brooklyn

18th Dec, 2016 Brian Bonz Holiday Adventure w/ Friends! at Rough Trade, NYC

10th Dec, 2016 Mile High at Pianos , LES, NY

12th Nov, 2016 Mile High at Pianos , LES, NY

29th Oct, 2016 OCT29 11th Annual Pex Halloween Ball “The Invisibility Project”, Battleship New Jersey, Camden, NJ

29th Oct, 2016 Rubulad Halloween, Brooklyn

22nd Oct, 2016 Champion Flute Presents Spooky Party 2 at Bootleg Mansion

15th Oct, 2016 HONK Rubulad! Brass-Tastic Blowout, NY

8th Oct, 2016 Mile High at Pianos with Le Jambon and Commodore, LES, NY

7th Oct, 2016 Goody show, Brooklyn

1st Oct, 2016 Dolphin Party 5: Silence of the Clams: Scared Stiff, Brooklyn

24th September, 2016 Rubulad, Brooklyn

10th September, 2016 Mile High at Pianos, LES, NY

20th August, 2016 Dolphin Party 4: The Vapening, Brooklyn

30th July, 2016 Mile High at Pianos with Le Jambon and Gumball Eyeball, LES, NY

9th July, 2016 Mile High at Pianos with Le Jambon, DJ Para, and MC Jam, LES, NY

18th June, 2016 Mile High at Pianos with Alcala, Alex English, and MC Jam, LES, NY

7th June, 2016 Killer Wicked EP release party with Sebastian Sartor at Kinfolk, Brooklyn, NY

27th-30th May, 2016 Disorient’s Country Club, Shandaken, NY

20th May Thunder Gumbo XXXII: THE OREGON TRAIL, House of Yes, Brooklyn

14th May, 2016 Mile High with Le Jambon and Alcala, LES, NY

6th May Kawaii as F^.~ ck !! Presented by Bangarang and Chibi Crew!, Philly

23rd April, 2016 Rubulad and JunXion and’s Mural Mural party, Queens, NY

20th April, 2016 Killer Wicked & Friends, Mercury Lounge, LES, NY

16th April, 2016 Pianos Mile High, LES, NY

15th April, 2016 Medium Rare Primavera, Cantina Royal, Brooklyn, NY

9th April, 2016 Pianos Mile High, LES, NY

26th March, 2016 Private event, Cantina Royal, Brooklyn, NY

12th March, 2016 Pianos Mile High, LES, NY

31st Dec, 2015 Pianos NYE!!!!!!!!!! LES, NY

19th Dec, 2015 Dolphin Party 3: Rudolphin The Red Nosed Dolphin, East Village, NY

12th Dec, 2015 Pianos, LES, NY

11th Dec, 2015 private holiday party, National Sawdust

27th Nov, 2015 Wojciech’s Birthday partY, East Village, NY

14th Nov, 2015 Pianos, LES, NY

31st Oct, 2015 Evil Mile High, Pianos, LES, NY

17th Oct, 2015 Brass-tastic Blowout with Rubulad,The Wick, Brooklyn, NY

10th Oct, 2015 Mile High Party with DJ Le Jambon and host MC Jam at Pianos, LES, NYC

7th Oct, 2015 Killer Wicked and friends, Kinfolk, Brooklyn, NY

16th Sept, 2015 Warper Party at Tender Trap, Brooklyn, NY

12th Sept, 2015 Mile High party with DJ Le Jambon and host MC Jam at Pianos, NYC

15th Aug, 2015 Dolphin Party II: STICKY CITY WITH THE SPERMY WORMIES, Brooklyn, NY

8th Aug, 2015 Mile High with Rich Uncle Skeleton & MC Jam, Pianos, LES, NY

25th July, 2015 Julio’s birthday party, Cantina Royal, Brooklyn, NY

20th July, 2015 Killer Wicked, Shyvonne, and Ferris Wheel J at Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

3rd July, 2015 PEX Summer festival at Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD

13th June, 2015 Disorient presents: GLAMTECH 2015, New York, NY

28th-31st May, 2015 LPM, Rome, Italy

22nd-24th May, 2015 Disorient Presents: Country Club, Shandaken, NY

16th May, 2015 Mile High party at Pianos, LES

15th May, 2015 Killer Wicked, 70 N 6th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

8th May, 2015 The Hot Tub Party, San Diego, CA

7th May, 2015 Facebook event at the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), San Diego, CA


4th March, 2015 March VJ London Meetup & showcase, Shoreditch, London

28th February, 2015 Mile High party at Pianos, LES

21st February, 2015 Disorient presents: Bioluminescence, Hornblower Infinity, Pier 40, Manhattan

14th February, 2015 Rubulad Valentine’s Day party, location TBA

7th February, 2015 Mile High party and EXPOSE launch at Pianos, LES

5th February, 2015 Muchmore’s in Brooklyn. Music lineup is Lauds, Rootless, Tecs Evergreen, Sun Castle, DJ Lorna Dune, DJ Keith Sweaty

31st January, 2015 Mile High party at Pianos, LES

20th December, 2014 Mile High party at Pianos, LES

17th December, 2014 Ambient-Chaos presents Auditory Driving and Acupuncture at Spectrum, LES

13th December, 2014 Mile High party at Pianos, LES

20th November, 2014 A Night Where A Lot of Interesting Things Happen: HOXM at Palisades, Brooklyn

15th November, 2014 International Winners show at Babycastles, NYC

13th November, 2014 Goody’s birthday party at Kinfolk, Williamsburg

4th November, 2014 Warper Party at the Delancey, LES

31st October, 2014 Mile High show at Pianos, LES. Special Halloween edition

25th October, 2014 Mile High show at Pianos, LES. With Unicorn Smack!!

24th October, 2014 UDKU (U Dont Know Us) show at Pine Box Rock Shop, Brooklyn

18th October, 2014 Brass-tastic Blowout with Rubulad and HONK NYC! Part of the 8th annual HONK NYC! brass band festival, Brooklyn

13th September, 2014 Live drawing and animation with Konrad Klinkner at the Culture Lounge in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Part of Second Saturday Staten Island art walk

9th September, 2014 Artist talk and demo on “Passenger and Vessel” installation at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

6th September, 2014 Mile High, Pianos, LES, from 1am to 4am

27th August, 2014 Visuals at Videogasm, Black Rock City, NV

1st August to 21st September, 2014 “Passenger and Vessel” installation with sound by Conor Heffernan at the Culture Lounge in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Organized by Monica Valenzuela and Staten Island Arts

12th July, 2014 Rubulad at The Paperbox in Brooklyn

17th June, 2014 Visuals for Dubco Sessions at Verboten in Williamsburg. Music by Cameo Culture, Dimitri Tee, and Waverly

7th June, 2014 Installation with Julia Sinelnikova at the Warper/Onex house. Part of Figment arts festival on Governors Island, New York

31st May, 2014 Rubulad at The Paperbox in Brooklyn

30th May, 2014 Opening Party for Seeking Space, part of Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn

18th May, 2014 Radio Bushwick, Brooklyn. Hosted by Daniel Perez

10th May, 2014 Mile High, Pianos, LES, from 12am to 4am

6th May, 2014 Warper Party 8 year anniversary, The Delancey, LES

26th April, 2014 Mile High, Pianos, LES, from 12am to 4am

17th April, 2014 MARY OCHER, TRABAJO, ELIZA AND PARRY, HANNAH CH’OE, ANA LIEBERMAN at Body Actualized Center, Brooklyn

4th April, 2014 Rubin Museum of Art: Pulse. Co-presented with Warper Party, NYC

29th March, 2014 Disorient presents GLAMTECH, NYC

6th March, 2014 Ziga Murko, Tecs Evergreen, vhvl, Body Building, Signature Sweaters, and DJ sets by Sicil at Radio Bushwick, Brooklyn

14th February, 2014 Rubulad Presents Happy Together, A Valentine’s Dance at Paper Box

2nd February, 2014 HOWSE| VHVL | WET PEDESTRIAN | WOMBAT COP | BODY BUILDING at Brooklyn Fireproof

9th January, 2014 Gimme Tinnitus presents deadCAT, Trabajo, Void Moon, and Freecare at Death By Audio, Brooklyn

31st December, 2013 Visuals at Rubulad’s New Year’s Eve event.

28th December, 2013 Great American International Ugly Holiday Sweater Dance Party! Visuals at Telekron Communications party at La Sala, in the back room of Cantina Royal in Williamsburg.

21st December, 2013 Visuals at Mile High party at Pianos, LES, from 12am to 4am.

23th November, 2013 Visuals at Rubulad party in Brooklyn, with special guest Konrad Klinkner.

22th November, 2013 Visuals at Spectrum, Lower East Side. Music by The Choupette Lagerfelds (Snaykhunt + Lazurite + h.Sabertooth), Opal Onyx, Cherubim, Valerie Kuehne, and Lauds. Presented by Awe Curiosity, LOXM, and Loneliness As Style.

26th October, 2013 Unicorn Meat presents: Surreal, warehouse location in Brooklyn. Video from the event here.

26th October, 2013 Mile High, Pianos, LES.

28th September, 2013 UDKU, 2A, East Village. With music by Exaltron, Nomadic Roots, Defpotec, Naksty Grubbins, and Pablo Asscobar.

27th September, 2013 Collaborative installation with Julia Sinelnikova for Unicorn Meat’s Illuminate in Brooklyn.

7th September, 2013 Mile High, Pianos, LES. With music by Alcala, Le Jambon, and Unicorn Smack.

1st September, 2013 September 1 – Trabajo | Bae Bro | VHVL | Peter Seligman | Body Building | The Sperm Whale at Brooklyn Fireproof.

17th August, 2013 Mile High, Pianos, LES. With DJs ValuJet and Tony Grund.

15th August, 2013 Warper Party, The Delancey, LES.

2 through 4 August, 2013 Disorient Presents: Country Club festival in Shandaken, New York.

26th July, 2013 opening of Jillian Salik’s “Duel Tint” @ 17 Frost. Projections for “Ghost Enclosures”, a collaborative installation with Julia Sinelnikova, Christa Brunks, DJ Datalog, and Jillian Salik.

13th July, 2013 U Don’t Know Us @ Branded Saloon. Visuals for this show feature 4 great acts, all night long.

4th through 8th of July, 2013 PEX Summer Festival. We’ll be doing visuals and an installation at The Sperm Shack, accompanied by some awesome music. The Philadelphia Experiment’s festival will be held at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, MD.

22nd June, 2013 Sara’s Birthday!!! at La Sala/Cantina Royal.

8th June, 2013 Birthday Cubed at La Sala/Cantina Royal. The Sperm Whale is turning 7! Some of our favorite musicians will be helping us celebrate (SnaykHunt + RAFT, Trabajo, Banginclude, and DJ Shakey).

1st June, 2013 Rubulad Presents: Prom to the People at the Clemente Center. Visuals in the outdoor area, all night long.

31st May, 2013 Seeking Space 2013. Opening party at 3rd Ward for the 4th edition of this Bushwick Open Studios group show, curated by Jillian Salik and Julia Sinelnikova.

4th April, 2013 El Gato Nacho and Springle Release Party at Secret Works Loft. Celebrated 2 awesome new things, Nacho’s ( Done Really Well) and a Mesmerizing Visual Toy for the Ipad and Android!

23rd March, 2013 COSMiC CLUB at Body Actualized Center, 143 Troutman St. in Bushwick. Live sets by JAHILIYYA FIELDS (L.I.E.S), Patricia,TIGEROTIKA. DJ sets by DATKAT and JACKY SOMMER (ANALOG SOUL)

19th March, 2013 Electric Blanket at La Sala, in the back of Cantina Royal. Starts after 8. Music by The Simple Pleasure, Trabajo, Ecstatics, and Champagne Sequins.

16th March, 2013 Night Shift at La Sala, in the back of Cantina Royal. Starts around midnight, goes until late. DJ lineup coming soon.

1st March, 2013 Two year anniversary of Cantina Royal.

28th February, 2013 Warper 7 year Anniversary! at The Delancey. Showing our game “Save the Bunnies”.


9th February, 2013 Unlimited Love: Rubulad at the Knockdown center.

31st December, 2012 Unicorn Meat NYC’s The Wander.

15 December, 2012 Night Shift @ La Sala.

14-15 December, 2012 LOXM fest visuals curation at La Sala and Knockdown Center.

27th October, 2012 Unicorn Meat NYC‘s Illuminate — a huge warehouse party. We provided a live interactive drawing installation, where we took requests from the audience.

25th October, 2012 Visuals for Gifts for Burning @ Spectrum.

13th September, 2012 Visuals at Red Bull after-party @ Cantina Royal, Brooklyn.

8th September, 2012 Visuals at Night Shift (Diego & Vero’s B’day Party) at La Sala — these people didn’t know when to stop partying! On the decks: Eddie Krilov (Alka_Rex) and Bruno Gervais (Night Shift).

7th September, 2012 Awesome multi-band garden BBQ party — PISS-OFF! BORKAN LEAVES! SIRENS PLAYS! RUS DJS! BBQ!

1st September, 2012 Video game & installation called “Save The Bunnies” at Stranded V: Laboratory, in the Pfizer plant in Brooklyn. Huge, amazing warehouse party!! Check this link for all the cool stuff that was there.

19th July, 2012 100milkteeth LIVE debut featuring Dimensions, Body Building, Y/Y, and Trabajo performed along with Heidi Sabertooth to celebrate the completion of Heidi’s 100milkteeth song a day project. Special guest Konrad Klinkner also did live drawings. At La Sala, Cantina Royal, Brooklyn.

29th June, 2012 Visuals at CON TODO at Casa Mezcal. With Camaron Polar, PatinbiĆ³nico, Banginclude and Mosco.

22nd June, 2012 Visuals at Ahhhh Daaamnn Loops! at La Sala. Great music from Champagne Sequins, Jeanann Dara, Gifts For Burning ( Lisa Liu from Magnetic Island ), Sto Len, Y/Y, K0Ks (Snaykhunt + Lazurite) , Trabajo and Raft.

21st June, 2012 Visuals at La Sala — Margarita festival!!

20th June, 2012 Visuals at Warper for Iris Freeform and Barber Sonora.

9th June, 2012 Visuals at BangOn!NYC’s Carny Party, Brooklyn.

2nd June, 2012 Curated Eye Candy and Ear Popcorn, part of Bushwick Open Studios.

1st June, 2012 Visuals at SEEKING SPACE @ THE LOOM, Bushwick Open Studios event.

19th May, 2012 Visuals at La Sala.

7th April, 2012 Visuals for 12,000 Trees, Lee Noble, Trabajo at La Sala .

3rd February, 2012 Visuals for Trabajo at the Banquet for America opening party at Flux Factory in Queens.

12th January, 2012 Visuals for Radio Wonderland at the Warper Party at the Clocktower Gallery (DJ Shakey residency).

6th December, 2011 Xmas special edition visuals for Banginclude at Warper!!!!!!!!!, Zamaan Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

19th November, 2011 Visuals for Trabajo at Ladies of Experimental Music NYC Festival, 17 Frost, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Three screens plus lasers!

14th July, 2011 Funk In the Trunk, Public Assembly Loft, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

11th June, 2011 Balkan Brass Band Blowout at The Morgan, Bushwick. An awesome party with Slavic Soul Party, Raya Brass Band, Veveritse Brass Band and DJ Stylus.

31st May, 2011 Memorial day weekend bear-grilling, hookah smoking visuals at Zamaan Bar, Brooklyn (Warper).

8th March, 2011 Double Dudes (Jason Weston and Yuchen Lin) perform at Las Tainas, Brooklyn (Warper). Great night!

5th March, 2011 Visuals at an Unholy Shindig, the Rotunda, Philadelphia, for some great bands: NIGHTBURGER, THE DARREN FINIZIO EXPERIENCE, LEPRECHAUN CATERING and Charles Cohen

29th January, 2011 Visuals for Sex Robot at Timi Fashions Mid-Winter Hoedown, Brooklyn

30th October, 2010 Halloween !! Visuals at Gemini and Scorpio’s Masquerade Macabre, this party was really great. Giant alien monster puppets! 30-person brass invasion! Dueling medieval knights on the balcony! Amazing beat-box / trumpeting! Awesome costumes by everyone… See video.

20th August – 22nd October, 2010 Digital art piece – Chelsea Art Museum in conjunction with digital art @ Google. Our piece is an innovative mix of projections on two oil paintings, on display at Google’s NYC offices.

4th September, 2010 Visuals at The Forbidden City: A Winkel and Balktick Warehouse Adventure. We performed at the front entrance. This was one of the best warehouse parties we have been to in New York – congratulations to everyone who took part!

23rd July, 2010 Visuals @ Warper – Legion, Brooklyn. Pictured are sets by Cosmo D, HeavyW8bit ChampionChip and Icee Mike. Photos by Pixel Form.

7th May, 2010 Visuals @ Rubulad, Brooklyn. Shown here is Elijah B. Torn

1st May, 2010 Visuals at May Day! Party, CT.

9th April, 2010 Kostume Kult’s HORNED BALL #6 – Paleolithikk @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn. This was a fun, freaky party.

10th March, 2010 Video Installation for The Warper Party Anniversary @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn.

27th January, 2010 Visuals for The Vectory @ Coco66, Brooklyn.

11th December, 2009 Friends Mens @ Rubulad, Brooklyn.

11th December, 2009 Visuals for ATTN @ Rubulad, Brooklyn.

22nd November, 2009 Visuals @ FLUID Interactive Digital Art and Animation, Queens Museum of Art.

9th November, 2009 Visuals for Amanda Ray @ Uncle Mike’s, Tribeca, NY.

25th October, 2009 Visuals @ The Lake, Brooklyn.

12th October, 2009 Visuals for ATTN: @ K and M bar, Brooklyn.

1st October, 2009 Friends Mens @ Warper Silent Disco.

26th September, 2009 Visuals @ The Lake, Bushwick, NY.

20th September, 2009 Friends Mens, SPLICE @ Solas, NYC.

6th August, 2009 ATTN: and thespermwhale, Monkeytown, Brooklyn.

21st June, 2009 Friends Mens, K and M bar, Brooklyn. MAKE MUSIC NY.

21st June, 2009 Dr. Silence, 14th Street and 8th Avenue. MAKE MUSIC NY.

26th May, 2009 WARPER unofficial Mutek Pre-Party, Montreal, Canada.

24th May, 2009 Visuals at House of Yes – Let the Light In (Party like its 19-49…Troutman St)

6th May, 2009 Visuals for FriendsMens @ The Delancey Warper Party

1st May, 2009 Visuals at May Day! Party, CT.

4th March, 2009 MotorBoat and ComputerLunch and TheSpermWhale @ The Delancey Warper Party

31st December, 2008 Visuals for NYE party at The Cellar Door, Brooklyn

19th November, 2008 The Sperm Whale and !INCLUDE Play host in an Interactive Visual and Aural Extravaganza at Botanica Bar (Warper)

27th September, 2008 Visuals for Object at the Dumbo Arts Festival, New York.

31st July, 2008 Visuals for DJ Shakey vs !Include @ Supreme Trading (Warper), New York.

15th May, 2008 Visuals projected onto Warper stage, Supreme Trading, New York.

24th April, 2008 Visuals for !Include at SPLICE/Warper at The Tank, New York.

19th March, 2008 Visuals at Warper at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn.

31st December, 2007 Video installation at Winkel’s Olde Fashioned Future, Queens.

12th December, 2007 Visuals for !Include at Warper at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn.

3rd-4th November, 2007 Visuals and video installation at Winkel and Zemi17’s “Escape to Bubble Island”, Queens.

3rd November, 2007 Visuals for Concrete Jungle, NYC Decompression 2007 at the Queens Museum of Art.

5th October, 2007 Visuals at RUBULAD, Brooklyn.

27th September, 2007 Visuals for Mezze Art’s Fall Flavors art opening at ReBar, Brooklyn.

10th August, 2007 Visuals at Deviled Leggs, Adventure Island, Philadelphia.

21st July, 2007 Video installation for “Rebirth at St. Cornelius Church” on Governor’s Island. Sponsored by Circle Arts.

7th July, 2007 Video installation at Lucky 7 Summer Camp, upstate New York.

11th May, 2007 Music and visuals at Rubulad, Brooklyn.
We love the trippy decorations at Rubulad which complement our visuals so well!

20th February, 2007 Music and visuals at WARPER at the Delancey again. This time with a full band.

31st December, 2006 Music and visuals at Share at Reboot. Thanks to Tom Costagliola, Mike Pride and Daniel Carter for joining us.

22nd August, 2006 Music and visuals at WARPER at the Delancey.

26th May, 2006 Orcha VJing demo first comes online.

14th May, 2006 Music and Visuals at Share at Mundial. Our first ever show!